About Future2green BV

Future2green is a new Dutch company that is specialized in sustainable solutions that contribute to better air quality and the environment and also offers economic benefits to the user of these products. As an importer of Triboron products we offer a direct solution to significantly reduce the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and particulate matter from engines without having to adapt or modify the engines for this purpose. The 2-stroke Triboron products are applicable in all 2-stroke engines.

We are also a reseller of sustainable Degree-n nano infrared heat panels and hot water devices. With the sale of these Degree-n products, we aim to promote the socially responsible use of sustainable energy and to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels for heating. This is necessary because we are in an energy transition where these kinds of fuels have to make way for sustainable solutions to bring about a balanced and responsible society.


Stimulating the sale of innovative, sustainable solutions and products that contribute to better air quality, the environment and a healthy and responsible society. A prerequisite for this is that the use of our products also provides economic benefit to the user. The products we supply enable us to reduce harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and particulate matter in order to jointly strive for a clean and future-proof planet.


Together with tech companies such as Triboron and Degree-n, we are working on a viable and environmentally-friendly future in which the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and particulate matter from 2-stroke engines are significantly reduced by using Triboron. The use of Degree-n heating panels creates an environmentally friendly and livable future where heating is cheaper for everyone and at the same time is better for the world.

Throug cooperation with the team of scientists from Triboron and Degree-n is continuously working on further development of these products that help us achieve our goal: Reduced emissions and improving the efficiency and lifespan of fuel engines, and provide households with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient all electric heating systems.

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