1. How can I place a order?

  1. You can easily order products by follow the following steps::
  2. Select the products and add them to the shopping cart
  3. Login or create an account
  4. Go to checkout and choose a shipping method
  5. Choose a payment method and pay
  6. Confirm order

Once you confirmed your order, you will receive a confirmation mail with the details of your order.
Offcourse we will keep you updated with the status of your order. You will receive a e-mail when we have take your order in process.
You will also receive a e-mail with your order is shipped.

2. Can I also cancel my order?

If your order isn´t shipped, you can cancel your order within 48 hours. Contact us through the contactform or info@future2green.eu.
Please mention your order number for a quick handling.

3. Can I also become a dealer?

Yes of course! Please check our special Become a dealer page.

4. I have a other question.

Didn´t find the right answer? Feel free to contact us through the contactform or info@future2green.eu.
We strive to reply as soon as possible.