Triboron 2-stroke injection 500ml - 2 bottles

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Brand: Triboron

Triboron 2-stroke injection 500ml - 2 bottles

Triboron; the new standard for 2-stroke! Generation 2

This product replaces the 2-stroke oil as a whole

The advantages:

  • No more greasy smoke and smell
  • Reduces the harmfull emissions
  • Reduces particulate matter emissions
  • Has an anti-bacterial effect on the fuel
  • Reduces the mechanical friction
  • Protects the engine against wear
  • Prevents contamination of the engine
  • Optimizes performance and efficiency of the engine

Triboron; for a better engine and environment!

Using Triboron is easy and works the same way as your normal injection system. Just put it in your injection tank and ride!

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