Handcleaner Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar 600ml

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Brand: Eurol

Handcleaner Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar 600ml

Hand cleaner Eurol Yellow Star 600 ML.

  • Dutch Topproduct
  • Fresh handcleaner with terpenes
  • Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar is a intensively acting jelly hand cleaner, to remove more persistent dirt from paint spray and printing activities, etc.
  • Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar contains terpenes, which are well known for their strong cleaning capability, together with a pleasant, fresh smell.
  • A fine abrasive (based on polymers) makes the product softer for the hands. The product is for more than 80% biodegradable.
  • Eurol Hand Cleaner Yellowstar should be applied on dry hands in a limited quantity. Rub in till the dirt loosens, wash-off with water and dry with a clean towel.
  • If there is no water available, the dirt can also be removed with a dry cloth. Store above 0°C

Product sheet  Handcleaner Eurol yellowstar

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