Triboron Fuel Formula

For 4-stroke engines

Triboron fuel formula is a unique, patented technology for reducing mechanical friction. Mixed with fuel (1:1000) it results in sustainable fuel savings of at least 3–5%.

The Fuel Formula interacts with the metal surfaces and forms a tribo-film layer that reduces the coefficient of friction with up to 50% and protects mechanical parts from wear.

The Fuel Formula has excellent abilities also in ethanol. It prevents bacterial growth in diesel and bio fuels.

Verified results in real-life and laboratory tests. The Boron compounds and the substances used in the production process are considered harmless for nature.




Fuel Formula

The Triboron Fuel Formula is available for use in petrol, diesel, ethanol, methanol and together with all mixed biofuels. The function of the fuel formula is to reduce friction and thereby improve performance and use the fuel in a sustainable way. An impeccable choice for the modern driver. The formula is added to the fuel in the ratio 1: 1000.

The Triboron Fuel Formula can be used in all 4-stroke engines on diesel, petrol, E10, biodiesel, GTL, synfuel, ethanol, etc.

• for both air-cooled and water-cooled 4-stroke engines
• from low-speed to high-speed engines
• for light to very heavy engines
• from old-timer engines to modern engines

Available in a 500 ml bottle and a 4 liter jerrycan.


Triboron can be used in all 4-stroke engines:








Reduced friction with up to 50% confirmed by Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University.

Provides reduced fuel consumption.
• Reduced with 2-3% confirmed by National Electric Vehicle Sweden(NEVS).
• Reduced with 4-6% (Petrol/Diesel) and 10% (Generators) confirmed by BILKONSULT Cars & Tech Support AB.

Wear scar reductions of up to 90%.
• Reduces pollutant emissions and soot.
• Antibacterial function according to ASTM E 1259-05, complete reduction of the three tested micro-organisms within 28 days for 1:500.
o 1:1000 reduces 2/3 of the microorganisms completely within 4 weeks.
o Suitable for FAME (e.g.RME).
o Winter storage of Dieselcars.

Corrosion resistance
• 1a, according to ISO 2160:1998, Petroleum products -- Corrosiveness to copper -- Copper strip test.
• Pass, according to ASTM D665 – 12, Standard Test Method for Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water


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